Arborist Services

No factor has greater impact upon tree health, than the environment in which it exists.  Healthy trees require rich soil that benefits from natural nutrient cycling, harbors beneficial microorganisms (microbes), has adequate soil pore space for oxygen, and can store water needed for hydration.

Urban environments are generally harsh, absent of the rich soil found in natural environments.  Nutrient cycling is interrupted by removal of leaf litter, and oxygen is often restricted due to compacted soil.The result is lower oxygen levels, and a decline of beneficial microbs and overall soil biology.

Stress of an urban environment predisposes a tree to other malidies, including insect and disease problems.

All of these stress factors can manifest in the slow decline of a given tree.

SongBird LandCare programs are designed to alleviate and reverse stress associated with the urban environment.

Programs are centered upon an understanding of plant and soil science, as well as use of current technology.  Though traditional synthetic products are used when needed, programs are “biologically based” so as to improve sustainability