Spotty Lawn – Dollar Spot Disease

Dollar Spot disease is common on Bermuda and Zoysia lawns during summer months.  It begins as small silver dollar sized spots, hence the name.  Though the disease will often cause minimal damage, it can become a significant problem if weather conditions favor continued spread of the disease.  When this occurs, multiple individual spots coalesce together, resulting in large necrotic areas.

Conditions most favorable for Dollar Spot include warm temperatures, dry soil, and moisture on the turf canopy.  These conditions are common during summer months.  Alleviating the dry soil by watering deeply will help the lawn resist Dollar Spot.  Low nitrogen levels also increase likelihood of Dollar Spot, which is why fertilization is often used to correct the problem when disease levels are mild.  When increasing nitrogen fertility doesn’t control the problem, a fungicide may be required.

Dollar Spot mycelium in morning (1)


Small “web like” fungi mycelium can be seen when morning dew is present



Dollar Spot on Bermuda

Dollar Spot on a Bermuda lawn