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Environmentally-Conscience Lawn Care and Great Results

When it comes to caring for your lawn, shrubs, and trees, Songbird Landcare is an obvious choice in the Atlanta area. Our highly-trained specialists are well-versed in how to care for and nurture your green spaces and we take an environment-conscience approach with every treatment.

Simply put, our programs utilize current technology, but more importantly, each program is centered upon an understanding of soil and plant science.

Lawn Care

Choose from the Traditional Lawn Care Program or the Environmental Lawn Care Program. Each program features year-round treatments designed to manage growth, maximize the color of your lawn, and minimize weeds. Our Environmental Lawn Care Program adds biostimulants to your lawn to reduce the demand for irrigation, reduce mowing frequency, and increase disease resistance. Add-on services such as core aeration, insect control, and disease control are also available with these treatment programs.

Plant Health Care

Environmental stressors can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. That’s why Songbird Landcare specializes in identifying risks and treating plants so they can thrive and survive. Not only do we nurture the health and growth of your landscape plants, but we also specialize in Majestic Tree Care, in which we care for aging native trees. Songbird Landcare conducts an initial inspection of your trees and shrubs to determine their needs, which may include preventative treatments, insect and disease control, or root and soil therapy.

Additional Services

Non-native invasive plants, such as Chinese Privet, are harmful to the environment.  They are increasingly encroaching upon natural areas and, in so doing, are displacing native plant life.  We can protect natural areas, ensuring their proper functioning, while protecting their value from these perilous, non-native invasive plants.


Service Area

We are pleased to service residential and commercial customers with comprehensive lawn, tree and shrub care programs. We service the Atlanta area north to Brookhaven, south to Griffin, east to Covington, and west to I-285 at Cascade Road. We know these communities, we live in these communities, and most importantly, we understand the needs of the soil and roots in these environments.

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Give us a call today to get started. Songbird Landcare is committed to quality, sustainable practices and comprehensive services for residents and commercial business owners.

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