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Plant Health Care is a Priority

At Songbird Landcare, we realize that insects and pests can damage the growth and health of your ornamental trees and shrubs. That’s why we offer treatments that are designed to combat these challenges and bring the beauty back for all to see.

Tree and Shrub Care

Our Tree and Shrub Care programs include three components to help us achieve healthy plants: Deep Root Therapy, Inspect and Treat, and Systemic Insecticide.

Systemic Insecticide:

The technicians from Songbird Landcare strive to offer long-lasting control of the pests targeted. This begins with applying a systemic insecticide that is then translocated throughout plant tissues. This treatment eliminates the need for repetitive spraying, which ultimately helps to reduce costs and the environmental impact. This type of treatment is effective in targeting whiteflies, soft scales, and other pests.

 Inspect and Treat:

Our trained professionals inspect your trees and shrubs to determine if they are affected by insects and disease. If so, we treat for control. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply preventative treatments.

 Deep Root Therapy:

At Songbird Landcare, we know that in order to sustain healthy plants and ward off insect or disease problems, a biologically healthy root zone is imperative. Deep Root Therapy helps improve the environment with the following:

  • Biostimulants: We use biostimulants to feed the biological system of the roots and soil.
  • Fertilizer: We add fertilizer to aid with nutrition.
  • Soil Surfactant: The use of soil surfactants improves how water moves into the soil and retains moisture to combat environmental stressors and potential droughts during the heat of the summer.




Though the program provides efficient care where possible, plants are living organisms and are therefore vulnerable to certain maladies, including certain pests, for which no control has yet to be discovered.  Control of wood boring insects and certain “exotic” pests may require additional charge.

Majestic Tree Care

No factor has a greater impact upon tree health, than the environment in which it exists.  Healthy trees require rich soil that benefits from natural nutrient cycling, harbors beneficial microorganisms (microbes), has adequate soil pore space for oxygen, and can store water needed for hydration.

Urban environments are generally harsh, absent of the rich soil found in natural environments.  Nutrient cycling is interrupted by the removal of leaf litter and oxygen is often restricted due to compacted soil. The result is lower oxygen levels as well as a decline of beneficial microbes and overall soil biology. These stressors can leave your trees vulnerable to other maladies, including insect and disease problems. All of these stress factors can manifest in the slow decline of your tree.

Songbird Landcare programs are designed to alleviate and reverse stress associated with the urban environment and are centered upon an understanding of plant and soil science, as well as the use of current technology.  Though traditional synthetic products are used when needed, programs are “biologically based” so as to improve sustainability.

Treatment prescribed may include:

Deep Root Therapy

Used to alleviate the harsh conditions of an urban environment, Deep Root Therapy consists of soil injection of nutrients, liquefied organic amendments, beneficial microorganisms (microbes), and soil surfactants (helps drought resistance). Treatment is used in the maintenance of healthy trees and in the rejuvenation of stressed trees.


The root zone is aerated by drilling 2″ diameter holes x 12″ depth on 24″ centers, allowing freer movement of gases, including essential oxygen, through the soil profile. Organic soil amendments, which aid water retention, soil nutrient holding capacity, and biological processes within the soil, are incorporated into aeration holes.

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Insect & Disease

Pests including “scales” and certain wood-boring insects are common, especially with trees that are weakened due to stress.  A myriad of diseases can present problems as well. Songbird Landcare treatments vary depending upon species and condition of the tree and the tree’s environment.

Growth Regulator

Reduces annual stem and limb growth 40-60%, for up to three years.  Energy is redirected toward fibrous root growth, defensive chemicals, and stored energy.  Thicker leaves, increased leaf pubescence, and greater root density improves drought hardiness. Growth regulators may be prescribed in the treatment of trees that have sustained root loss. Treatment lasts for three years, with greatest results occurring after the first year.

Why Should You Choose Songbird Landcare?

It’s simple, actually. We are focused on nurturing greenery, lawns, and more with an environmentally-conscience approach that you can appreciate.

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