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Catering to Lawns with an Environmentally-Conscience Approach

At Songbird Landcare we believe that staying up-to-date with technology and adopting environmentally-conscious methods is the only way to care for our clients’ green spaces. We not only want you to see green, but we also want to manage landscapes for sustainability.

Our highly-trained professionals, coupled with our environmentally-conscience approach, make us a premier choice for all your lawn care needs. Our programs include quality products and practices that strive to achieve a quality lawn with reduced chemical inputs.  Our Environmental Lawn Care program regulates vertical growth, thereby allowing for less frequent mowing and irrigation.

Traditional Lawn Care Program

With the Traditional Lawn Care Program, we apply 7 timely applications of fertilization and weed control to ensure your lawn receives optimum nutrient levels and is free of weeds. You get year-round treatments from this program that utilizes quality products stemming from our commitment to sustainability.

The Traditional Lawn Care Program includes a Seven-Step process that includes the following:
  • Weed Control: We target crabgrass, chickweed, henbit, annual bluegrass, and others with pre-emergent weed treatments so that your lawn is free from weeds that compete for resources and detract from the lawn’s appearance.  We also control weeds like dandelion, onion, and plantain with post-emergent weed treatment.
  • Fertilization: We use slow-release products to fuel your grass roots with a steady diet of nutrients. While lower-grade products release an excessive amount of nutrients for just a short time, leaving your soil without nutrients for the long run, a slow-release treatment provides your soil with a controlled steady diet. The program is designed to maximize color, without pushing excessive growth.

Environmental Lawn Care Program

The Environmental Program includes seven treatments designed to minimize irrigation and chemical inputs, while providing for a healthy and attractive lawn.  In addition, the “growth regulators” used slow down growth, allowing for less frequent mowing and carbon monoxide emissions.

With this program you get the following:
  • weed control and fertilization, similar to that of the Traditional Program
  • “Soil wetting agents”, “plant growth regulators” and other biostimulants, used to minimize the overall chemical inputs needed to maintain a quality lawn.

Landscape and environmental benefits include a reduced demand for irrigation, increased disease resistance (reducing the need for fungicide), good color with reduced quantities of fertilizer, and denser growth habit. Also, with decreased top growth, mowing is needed less frequently.

Soil wetting agents, commonly used in golf course management, are used to improve uniformity of water penetration, optimize water use, and reduce loss through evaporation. This results in less demand for irrigation frequency.

Plant growth regulators (PGR’s) reduce vertical growth rate, resulting in less demand for water. PGR’s also improve color by concentrating chlorophyll (green pigment) within the plant cells. PGR’s have also been found to help in areas with limited sunlight, improve turf hardiness, and reduce disease incidence.

Biostimulants applied improve soil moisture holding capacity and feed the biological system within the soil. With good soil biology, beneficial microorganisms are enhanced.

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Related Services to Promote Even More Growth

Songbird Landcare is happy to offer the following related services:
  • Core Aeration: Core aeration alleviates soil compaction and increases soil oxygen,  resulting in greater root density and a healthier, stronger lawn that is better able to withstand water stress. Aeration also helps in controlling thatch and in so doing, encourages deeper root growth and reduces the likelihood of disease.  
  • Insect Control: We have the “know-how” to diagnose and treat problems stemming from Insect & Disease problems.  So that chemical inputs can be minimized, these treatments are simply applied as needed and may require an additional charge.

Why Should You Choose Songbird Landcare?

It’s simple, actually. We are focused on nurturing greenery, lawns, and more with an environmentally-conscience approach that you can appreciate.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can foster your green spaces with care.

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